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Local currency
Egyptian Pound

 Exchange rate
1 EUR = 7.5 Egyptian pounds (December 2010)

Some ideas of prices in Egypt
Double room in a hotel base: between 15 and 20 euros
The cost for a taxi from the airport to central Cairo: Around 70 pounds
A large bottle of water: £ 2
Beer: 10-12 pounds
Court: 10 books in-Bouis Bouis, 30 books in the middle categories

Egyptian visa
You can just at the airport
BuyWhere you have landed in Egypt (Cairo, Luxor, Sharm ...).
In Sharm, please note that there are 2 different types of visas - one only of the Sinai and one of the general Egypt!!
The switches for the acquisition of visas are about to pass through passport control and customs.
It costs about $ 15.

The winter is very pleasant, with daytime temperatures of 20-25 degrees. The nights are cool (about 0 degrees). In the summer, with temperatures sometimes to 50 degrees is unbearable, but the humidity is practically zero. In spring and autumn, it feels the best ... all the time.

Some vocabulary
Hello: Salam Alekoum
Goodbye: Maas Salama
Thank you: Choukrane
Nothing: Afouane
Please: Min fadlak
Yes: Aiwa
Where: Fine?
Who: Min?
When: IMTA?

A small kitchen
The most common dishes
Foul: Mashed beans drizzled with olive oil and lemon
The ta'amiyya or Falafel: Patty of mashed fried beans and spices, usually with salad and tahini in a pita bread (chamois) similar to the pita served.
Tahini: Sesame seed paste, to hummus in consistency, but a bit more liquid in the vicinity
Döner: Fried strips of chicken or lamb on a spit. Egyptian equivalent of the Turkish kebab.
Cochari: It is the national dish, nourishing and invigorating. Mix pasta, rice, lentils, onions and tomato sauce.
Kofta: Skewers of spicy minced meat
Shish Taouk: Chicken skewers
Kebab: Grilled lamb kebabs

When we travel the most?
The late autumn, winter and spring from October to May are good times to visit the Libyan desert. During the year there is almost always sunny. The problem here is the wind (especially virulent Khamsin in April) and temperature fluctuations. Avoid July-August, if you are not the intense heat (40-50 degrees) are tolerated. In winter the days are very nice but very cold at night (up to 0 degrees).
Especially in times of full moon periods, the desert, especially the White Desert a memorable experience.

 Getting there from & to Cairo
The White Desert is about 450 kilometers from Cairo. Most safaris start from the Bahariya oasis, which is easily accessible from Cairo (360 miles direct path through the desert) or by public bus, taxi or car.
We can send you a car to the airport to pick you off. Then you either spend a night in a hotel in Cairo and take the journey the next day to Bahariya, or go directly to the oasis.

You can also go by bus to Bahariya. There is a regular lines of the Upper Egypt Bus Company to Bahariya oasis from the bus stop in Cairo Turgoman (four fifty-six hour drive). We then hollow at the bus station Bahariya.

from & to Luxor
The journey is more complicated. There are buses from the Kharga and Dakhla oasis town of Farafra and Luxor, but it is long.
I advise you better in the White Desert from Cairo and then to go to Luxor. We can also arrange in Dakhla and Kharga a taxi or minibus to Luxor.

From November to February
Take a good wool sweater or fleece, jeans (pants or warm), good socks and even gloves and hat for the evening bivouac with Blusons and wind protection for the day when you walk.
All year
For the day, you can attract light cotton trousers or shorts and a T-shirt or shirt. Many here also buy cheap a local Gellabea (long coat), the body parts superior protection from the strong sun and wind even when you still provides cooling.
Hiking boots are unnecessary, even for a hike. Sandals closed (not flip-flops) with a good profile are sufficient. It's easy to go in the white desert, because the vast limestone plateau fairly strenuous walk, and as the sand.
Think the bathing suit, because the Libyan desert is full of sources, we can use. Think about the tools you need in hot climates with sun: sunglasses, sunscreen, hat ... It is also useful to take a flashlight and a thermos bottle for cold beverages.
To sleep. The "hardware" of the bivouac (tent, mattress, blankets) is made available on site. If you are not too busy, you can still take a sleeping bag. We also recommend for toilet hygiene and humidity towels instead of toilet paper. Small trash bags are a good idea to keep the debris away from the desert.

  With children?
You can easily visit the White Desert with children over 5 years. They found no dangerous animals or risk of disease in this immaculate universe. They appreciate the calcconcremente in animal shapes, the nights under the stars, visiting the Fennec on bivouacs in the evening ... If you do that you travel with camels camels, no problem - you can rest on their backs when they are tired of walking.

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