Welcome to the white desert and Oasis
About us
Hi there
Let me introduce myself to you. I am Mohamed Mandeshy, an experienced Bedouin and driver from Bahariya Oasis.
It would be my pleasure to introduce you to my beautiful Western Desert of Egypt. I can tour and guide you on a desert safari to every single place in the Western Desert: the White Desert, the oases of Farafra, Dakhla and Siwa, Gilf Al Kabir plateau and the Great Sand Sea and much more.
We can walk, camel trek or tour where we will see, in different areas, traditional oases architecture and local culture, chalk rock formations, sand dunes, hot springs, caves, Neolithic rock paintings and volcanic craters. My beautiful Western Desert will take your breath away!
You are most welcome to be my guest.

Western desert and Oasis safari

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